1 Month till Inktober!

It’s just one month till Inktober starts! I am super excited to challenge myself in a new way this year. Instead of adding individual rhymes for each prompt I am going to try and write a continuing story that incorporates each day’s word. I am going to use the month of September to try and write a compelling tale, then come October I will illustrate a section featuring that day’s prompt each day. Wish me luck…

Februscary Art Challenge

Last year I had a lot of fun doing the Februscary Art Challenge. The prompts were not as inspiring to me this year, but that just adds to the challenge. Most of the artists participating are focusing on the -scary part, and I imagine mine will be rather dark in theme. However since I have been doing so many pen and ink drawings lately I thought I would try and do this year’s prompts in lots of vivid color.

Prompt 1: Love Bite

Love Bite, Alcohol Marker, 9×10″ 2/5/2020

Prompt 2: Ghastly Bouquet

Ghastly Bouquet, Acrylic and Colored Pencil, 12×9″, 2/7/2020

Prompt 3: Valentine’s Card

Valentine, I’m… , Mixed Media, 9×12″, 2/12/2020

Prompt 4: Love Potion #9

Love Potion #9, Mixed Media on Paper, 12.5×20″

Prompt 5: Be My Valenstein

Valenstein, Colored Pencil, 9×12″

Prompt 6: Haunted by You

Haunted by You, Alcohol Marker on Yupo, 9×12″