Inktober Day 23: Rip

Allie May was pondering what her mother might be cooking for dinner when she heard a loud yelp from behind her. She stood up and looked around. Her friends had left obvious tracks across the sand leading to the woods beyond the beach. She started heading that direction and then heard what was definitely Cleo and Hugh calling her name. She picked up her pace and it did not take long for her to find them. Hugh was stuck in a big net hanging from a tree and Cleo was jumping up and down beneath trying to grasp hold of it. 

“While you were finishing up your nap, I seem to have walked right into a trap,” Hugh told her the obvious and then went back to gnawing on the ropes that surrounded him.

Allie May climbed on Cleo’s back which allowed her to reach the net and started cutting at the rope with her knife as well. Working together they were able to rip a large enough hole in the net for the Coypu to push himself through. He fell to the ground beside them with a crash.

“Who do you think put this here? And do you think they are still near? Cleo asked them looking around nervously.

Inktober Day 23: Rip

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