Inktober Day 31: Crawl

Last night it felt like the story was finished, but there are 31 days in October. I am as tired as she is, but let’s see Allie May all the way home…


Allie May made it safely home, however she was too tired to share any stories about her day.

“Tomorrow there will be plenty of time to tell, first I just need to sleep a spell,” she whispered to herself as she went straight to her room.

It was all she could do to crawl into bed under the quilt her Gran had made her. She fell asleep almost instantly.  She slept soundly, but none of her dreams were as fantastic or exciting as her actual day.

Inktober day 31: Crawl

One thought on “Inktober Day 31: Crawl”

  1. This is a fitting end to a wonderful adventure.
    Thanks for your devotion to giving us such visual treasures. 😊

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