About the Artist

Intricate Self Portrait, Acrylic on Wood & Frame, 11x13", 2011
Intricate Self Portrait, Acrylic on Wood & Frame,
11×13″, 2011

Azulita means “Little Blue” in Spanish. Though blue is my favorite color I mainly just like the way it sounds. “Ah-zoo-Leetas”

My work is neither completely abstract nor naturalistic but seeks to represent the seen, the unseen, and the place where they meet. Borders and boundaries, as well as the crossing or dissolving of them, fascinate me. In my images that inbetween space is full of color, swirls, vegetation and bursts of other details. These may be indicative of emotional or spiritual factors that influence and sometimes merge with the figures that inhabit them. The overflow of color and pattern does seek to be pleasing to the eye, but hopes to also express something more.

My first and greatest influence on me as an artist is my father, Noyes Capehart. His art and the art of the masters he made sure I was aware of form my root as an artist. However Mexico, its people, culture and art also influenced me and my art significantly. I lived in southern Mexico for 7 years, my children were born there, and I like to say it was the tropical sun that brightened my palette from the dark monochromatic art I created in the mountains of North Carolina where I was raised to the bright pieces I create currently. Now my art is almost always colorful and stuffed full of birds, wide eyed faces, swirls and vegetation.

Self Restraint, Pencil on Paper, October 2017