Inktober Day 22: Chef

“Let’s see what is beyond the shore. Come on Allie, let’s go explore!” Hugh woke up with tons of energy. Allie May was slower to open her eyes. The sand and the sun felt warm on her skin. She was in no hurry to get up.

“I’ll catch up after you go a little way. For a while this is where I want to stay,” she admitted.

Cleo decided she was ready for a walk, so while the two animals headed off towards the trees beyond the beach Allie May relaxed and gazed at the blue expanse above her. Fluffy clouds that looked like chef hats floated lazily along. Allie May watched them contentedly and thought about everything that had happened so far, and wondered what could possibly happen next.

Inktober Day 22: Chef

Did you ask where the Copics were?

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