Inktober Day 30: Ominous

The garden was full of animals celebrating their freedom from the cave. They sang and danced and told the stories of their adventures over and over. Allie May’s basket contained snacks that she contributed to the picnic that was spread. As they were finishing their joyous meal the sky began to glow with the bands of color that signified the end of the day. Allie May oohed and ahed with the others, but as the sky darkened she knew it was time to go. The dusk felt ominous so far from her house and family.

“What a wonderful day to explore and roam, but now I really must be getting home,” she told her friends.

“Watching you leave makes us sigh, but it’s see you later, not goodbye,” Hugh tried not to sound too sad. 

She promised they would have another day together soon. Cleo and Hugh walked with her until she came to the familiar path by the fishing hole. Then with a wave she left them and hurried to get home before the last light of the day was gone.

Inktober Day 30: Ominous

One thought on “Inktober Day 30: Ominous”

  1. Well, with one last drawing of Allie looking wistfully at the path home, I feel similarly, as this month long, illustrated story comes to an end.
    You’ve worked hard and your artistic gifts have been displayed day after day; bravo!

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