Inktober Days 15 & 16: Outpost & Rocket

The three introduced themselves and compared stories of their slides into the cave. Cleo the Armadillo had actually been in the cavern for quite some time. She had tried climbing up the walls at least a dozen different ways, but each time she had fallen back down into the sand.

“I guess I’d better taken you to meet the crew. We’re not the only ones that have fallen through,” she told them and pointed to a low opening in the rock. They crawled through into a passageway that led through many small caves. It finally opened up into a high roofed cavern with an opening to the bright blue sky far above.

“Here is our outpost where we stay. Though soon we’ll get back to the light of day,” Cleo explained. The cave was a flurry of activity, most centered around a large scaffolding. Cleo announced the new arrivals and soon they were surrounded by other animals that wanted to meet them.

“Have you told them about our plan?”
“Will they help?”
“Do you think they can?”

After a flurry of questions, and many animated interruptions, Allie May and Hugh came to understand a rocket was being built to try and get back to the surface. The trapped creatures had spent a lot of time exploring the labyrinth of connected caves and collecting a strange assortment of objects. These were being used to construct the oddest vessel Allie May had ever seen. She could not understand how it could possibly fly, but she kept her doubts to herself as she watched the animals continue with their work.

Note: At the halfway point of Inktober it seems both the words and images are struggling a bit. I find myself in need of a day off, so I combined today and tomorrow’s prompts. I’ll be back with “Storm” on Saturday.

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  1. The little bit of additional whimsy of the rocket ship, made me laugh. Art blending entertainment; awesome!

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