Inktober Day 14: Armor

“Hugh! It’s you without a doubt! But then whose tail is here sticking out?” Allie asked him as she pointed to what, on closer examination, was not a furry tail but a scaly one

“It’s not a squirrel, a hare, or a pig. To find out we need to dig!” he told her as his front paws started the excavation. Alllie May threw up her hands to block the flying sand then moved to the other side to help him. It did not take them long to unearth the big scale covered ball attached to the striped tail. Allie was worried by its initial lack of movement but as they watched four sets of plated toes emerged. A pink snout peeked out next and then shaking sand from her armor the creature straightened all the way up.

“Well, I am obliged you two were around. That time I landed quite deep down,” she said, holding out a paw in greeting.

Inktober Day 14: Armor

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