Inktober Day 17: Storm

Impressed with her thumbs the animals asked Allie May to help with several tasks. She was happy to contribute but kept gazing at the window of blue sky above them. She knew she was lucky to see such strange and fantastic sights, but she missed the light and air outside of the cave. She could not bear to think of being stuck in underground for as long as the others. She knew she could not stay until they finished building the rocket. She needed a plan of her own. As she stared up at the circle of sky it began to change. The clear sky filled with clouds. The clouds grew darker. Soon it looked like dusk, then night. The few trees visible from down below were swaying in the wind.

The animals saw the change as well and raised an alarm.

“Oh no! A storm is coming this way! Cover your work without delay!”

They all rushed around tying coverings to their large project. They just barely finished before the rain started pouring down around them.

Inktober 2020 – Day 17: Storm

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