Inktober Day 6: Rodent

However before Allie could climb through her newly formed window it was filled with a furry face. She stepped back in shock, almost falling down, as the largest rodent she had ever seen leaned through the opening and spoke to her.

“Well hello there, and how do you do? Come in, come in, we’ve been waiting for you!” he half said, half sung, then smiled widely showing two long and rather orange teeth. 

“What? You’ve been waiting for me? I don’t understand. How can that be?” Allie stammered back in confusion. 

“I heard the news from Tuner, the turtle, he was sure you’d pass every hurdle,” he answered, jumping down from the fence and motioning for her to follow.

“Ah, the turtle with the radio. I was so curious where he would go,” Allie admitted as she climbed up to the window and crawled through. Indeed, she had probably never been curiouser in her entire life.

Day 6: Rodent

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