Day 7: Fancy

“Well, my name is Hugh, and I’m a Coypu,” the animal, who looked like an extremely large rat, introduced himself as Allie lowered herself down on the other side of the fence.

“My name is Allie May. And I’m having quite an odd day,” she responded as she looked around. They were in a garden. A very fancy but strange garden. As much of it was water as was land. There were pools of many shapes and sizes,  with fountains and sculptures,  exotic flowers of every color, and a stone path twisting around and across little bridges. The turtle was there, as well as his radio. Several enormous goldfish in the pool closest to Allie were halfway out the water dancing along to the upbeat song that was being broadcast.

“So do you like what you see? Isn’t this garden a great place to be?” Hugh seemed thrilled to be showing her around, pointing out his favorite features.

Inktober Day 7: Fancy

Note: I think to really draw this illustration the way I imagined it I need a piece of paper at least twice as big and several days worth of time to work on it. Let’s just consider this one a concept sketch for now.

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  1. The concept is good, and definitely worth developing when you have time. The animal characters make me smile 🙂

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