Inktober Day 5: Blade

Allie sighed. She wondered if she would be able to catch anything that day. The rocks along the creek made it difficult to run but she moved as quickly as she could. The turtle was soon out of sight but she could still hear the voices broadcasting from his back. It took a while, but she was finally gaining on them, the sounds getting louder rather than softer, when the creek disappeared under a sort of fence that blocked the way on either side. A line of trees that had grown quite close together made up the main part of the barricade with vines and twigs woven through any empty spots. She walked along it trying to find a way to pass but it was too dense. She explored it with her hands until she found a place where there was more vegetation than wood. The blade of the knife from her belt was sharp. She was able to cut through some of the vines and make a window of sorts. It did not take long until it was wide enough for her to pass through.

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