Inktober Day 4: Radio

Allie May continued her chase, but as the sun rose the light of the will o’ the wisp grew fainter and fainter. Within a few minutes it disappeared completely leaving Allie May alone deep in a part of the forest where she had never been before. She paused, catching her breath, and observing her surroundings. It was a beautiful morning. The leaves above her glowed bright green and the rays of sunlight they let through shimmered on the water. She listened to the rushing of the stream, the croaking of some frogs, and the call of a bird, but then another sound joined the rest, a familiar sound. It was a voice speaking, followed by static, then a song. 

“Could that be a radio I hear? It sounds like it is very near.” Allie murmured to herself as her ears led her towards the music. Right as the creek made a bend and started moving faster Allie May caught sight of its source. It was indeed a radio, but it seemed to be walking towards the water. She rubbed her eyes and looked again. The radio was not moving by itself but was riding on the back of a large turtle. As she watched, the turtle walked to the edge of the creek and then with the radio perfectly balanced in the middle of his shell swam towards the center.

She called out to him, “Wait, please, I want to know. Where do you and the radio go?”  The turtle looked back at her and winked, but he did not answer, and he did not wait for her but let the current carry him swiftly downstream.

Inktober Day 4: Radio

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