Inktober Day 3: Bulky

As the light flickered and danced through the trees Allie had to speed up to follow. She leapt from stump to rock and crawled over fallen logs, trying not to lose sight of the wisp. Her bulky fishing basket bounced against her back as she ran. They crossed a clearing and then came to a wide expanse of water that she would not be able to leap over. She considered trying to swim but then noticed a tree with a good sized branch stretching out across the creek.  After sticking a few items from the basket into her pocket she climbed the tree. When she got out onto the branch she carefully fastened the strap around it and then lowered herself down onto the basket. With a few pumps of her legs she was swinging enough to get the momentum she needed to launch herself over the water and onto the bank on the other side.

Day 3: Bulky

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