Inktober Day 29: Shoes

Tuner met them with a smile and a cheerful song. They followed him into the garden where there was quite the crowd of animals ready to celebrate their return. However before she made it that far Allie May came to a cairn of carefully placed rocks. Balanced on the top were her shoes, perfectly clean and undamaged by their time in the deep mud. At the bottom sat her fishing basket and pole, also unharmed. 

“What a lovely way to end my day. Here’s everything I left along the way,” she said with a smile. She had to get up on her toes to teach her shoes.

It felt good to have them on her feet. She put her basket on her shoulder, picked up her pole, and then followed her friends on in to the gathering.

Inktober day 29:Shoe

We have been without electricity since 5:30 this morning. There was no damage to the house or yard, but its absence certainly altered the day.

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  1. The power outage has not affected your quality work and imaginative style; such interesting detail 🙂

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