Inktober Day 18: Trap

Most of the animals ran back towards the cave they called their outpost but Allie May had noticed a ledge with an opening near where she had been working. As the sky had darkened she thought she had seen flickers of blue light from within it. It reminded her of the will-o-the-wisp. She pulled herself up and peered into the darkness. After just a moment the blue light appeared again. She rushed after it. Cleo saw her go and gasped. She called to Hugh and told him they needed to follow and quickly. They clamoured up and rushed after her.

“Wait! Stop! Don’t run anymore! I have to tell you about the trap door!” Cleo tried to shout above the sound of the rain, but Allie May could not hear her. She was so focused on the blue light that she did not notice when the rock floor turned to a wooden bridge. But she definitely knew when the planks swung out from under her and once again she was falling. 

The water Allie May landed in was incredibly cold and deep, but she could still see the blue light glowing above her. She was able to swim towards it and get her head above water. She tread water and looked up at the booby trapped bridge. Cleo and Hugh had just arrived at the gap in the bridge. They only paused for a minute and first Hugh and then Cleo dove in after her.

Inktober Day 18: Trap

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