Inktober Day 12: Slippery

“I am trying not to get too vexed. But I wonder what I will lose next,” Allie sighed and wiggled her very muddy toes. She was still surrounded by mud. She pondered which direction was the most likely to lead her back to firm ground. She looked over to where Hugh had slid down the tree and was bounding towards her. 

“I think I hear Tuner’s favorite song! If we follow the sound we can’t go wrong!” he shouted excitedly as he jumped over the mud she had just been stuck in and barrelled right into her. He was not a small animal and everything around them was slippery. Allie May lost her balance and the two of them went sliding through the mud.

As they both frantically tried to find something to hold onto, the muck around them began to bubble and swirl. Before they could even understand what was happening a hole in the mud opened up and swallowed them right up.

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