Inktober Day 1 : Ring

It’s that time again! I had so much fun doing the Inktober and Drawloween prompts last year, so I am very excited to get started on this year’s challenge. Last year I did a mixture of the two prompt lists and used all sorts of different media, but this year I am going to try and stick to the one list and do mainly ink drawings. Of course that is subject to change. I really like coming up with creative solutions within the limiting structure of the prompts, but I do not want to get too legalistic about it. If I feel moved to draw something different, or to paint or sculpt instead, then I will.

Day 1: Ring

Rings, Ink on Paper, 8×10″ 10/1/19

“How her foolish heart sings,
at the mention of rings.”

Day 2: Mindless

“No need to remind us, it’s not news that we’re mindless.”

Day 3: Bait

The old man on the promenade
Wanted to catch a mermaid.
He found a ship’s mate
And used him as bait,
Then cast out his line and prayed.

Day 4: Freeze

“If memories of that summer breeze
could be enough to melt this freeze…”

Day 5: Build

“Even if you are basically unskilled
it is simple to destroy what you build.”

Day 6: Husky

After a day that went so long,
nothing like a drink and a song.
Let me buy you another round.
We’ll listen to her husky sound.

Day 7: Enchanted

I am so enchanted by Erik Satie;
His music touches a place deep inside me.

Day 8: Frail

Fen on Bluff Mountain
Nature’s balance seems so frail
Yet in drought… a bloom. 

Day 9: Swing

Okay, so here’s the thing, not sure why she must swing…

Day 10: Pattern

The pattern is there, just follow with care.

Day 11: Snow

Tonight no sighs or tales of woe, it’s quiet in the falling snow.