Martin’s Creek Falls

Martin’s Creek Falls, Acrylic on Paper, 9×12″ (7/20/19)

Martin’s Creek Falls are on the same portion of the Bartram Trail as Becky Branch Falls, just about two miles further along. The trail is thin but well-maintained. The day was not especially hot compared to some of the ones we have been having lately, but there was plenty of humidity. Unlike a lot of the trails I have been exploring this one does not follow a creek or river. It was interesting to notice how different a walk feels without the sound of moving water as you go. The hike was not especially strenuous, but it had been over a month since my last hike. I had a little less breath and a lot more sweat when I reached the falls.

I did not see anyone as I walked in but when I got to the falls there were five or six young people arrayed all around it. I tried out a more distant vantage point but then noticed they were all putting on their shoes. I hovered long enough for them to set out on their way and then found a nice spot right at the foot of the falls to paint. The way the falls face made the light a bit strange. Clouds were moving in and out of the area (though luckily none of them dropped the threatened afternoon shower) and at times the rocks got quite dark and I had trouble picking out the details. This would not have been an issue if I had chosen a more centered composition, but as it is a lot of the intriguing rock formations I shifted the image to include are not really rendered. One other group of hikers passed by while I was painting. They had gone the full eight miles to Pinnacle Knob and were on their way back. I have not attempted a hike that long yet, but they said it was totally worth the effort. Once the weather cools off a bit I might give it a try.

These little butterflies seemed to know how well they matched my shoes.

Note: For quite some time I have wanted to visit Dick’s Creek Falls further down Warwoman Rd in Rabun County. However the road that leads to the trail head fords a creek. I would never have even thought to try that in my low slung little red car, but now that it has been replaced with a AWD vehicle I thought I might give it a try. I drove several miles down Sandy Ford road through beautiful countryside and farmland, but when I got to the crossing I could not bring myself to try it. I was out of cell phone range, by myself and I my new-to-me car had been mine less than a week. I could not take the risk of the water being deeper than expected or the current stronger. I turned around and went back to the Warwoman Dell parking area. I need to find an experienced off-roader to look at the creek and my car and advise me if I should attempt the crossing. If not maybe I can find someone with a more qualified vehicle to take me to the trailhead. After I went back to Clayton at the end of the day for a roof top drink and an art opening it felt like every other car I saw was a Wrangler or a lifted truck with crazy big tires.

The ford I did not cross

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