Inktober Day 8: Frail

Grass of Parnassus, Colored Ink on Paper, 9×12″ (10/8/2019)

Fen on Bluff Mountain
Nature’s balance seems so frail
Yet in drought… a bloom.

As I got ready to start my second week of Inktober I realized I was missing color. Last night I bought myself a pack of colored felt-tip pens, so I could continue just using ink, but with some bright hues thrown in. The new pens feel lovely in my hand, but I was not thrilled with how they blend. This evening when I got home from work I found some old highlighters and markers and used them to help finish the piece. I am pleased the end result but I am also bewildered by it. Everything about the style and the mood of the piece feels foreign to me somehow. It seems like someone else’s drawing, and no, not just because it does not have any blue. 😉

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