Inktober Day 20: Coral

Allie May tried to keep her eyes on her friends as they spiraled deeper and deeper but it was no use. The river seemed to have dumped them into an underground sea. Allie May tasted salt water as she gasped for air in the funnel. She felt it could quite possibly be her last when something dove through the swirling wall of water and stopped her descent. At first she was too disoriented to know what it was, but she grabbed hold anyway. She held on tight as they swam away from the whirlpool. It did not take long for the darkness to start to recede as they moved up towards warmer water. They started seeing fish moving through the water, and then a bright and bustling coral reef stretched out in front of them. Hugh, for it was the Coypu who had rescued her, brought up Allie up to the surface of the water to catch her breath, then they both dove back down to look in wonder at the beautiful color and textures of the reef.

Inktober Day 20: Coral

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    1. Shall I mail them back to you? Or do you mean I should have used them to make the water have more varied values?

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