Inktober Day 10: Hope

Allie May climbed up to the limb from where Hugh had thrown the acorns.

“Thank you so much for helping me out, you saved my life without a doubt!” he said to her as he gave her a hug. “Look how I am still shaking with fear. That beast is not supposed to be around here.”

“Has he bothered you before? I hope we can still explore,” Allie’s breath, heart rate, and curiosity were returning to normal. “Let’s climb higher in this tree. I wonder what all we’ll see.”

She did not wait for him to answer but immediately started up towards the top branches. Her new friend came along right behind her. Once they got to the top the view was just as magnificent as Allie had hoped. Hugh was still trembling slightly but the beauty of the scenery in front of them soon calmed him. It was turning into a lovely day. Allie was glad to remember she had put a sandwich in her pocket before leaving her basket. She gave Hugh half and they enjoyed a tree top picnic. The sky above them was blue and clear. Below them the canopy of trees spread out like a patchwork quilt. It felt like there was no end to the possible adventures in store for them.

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