Inktober Day 1: Fish

“Fish bite best while we’re at rest. To catch one better rise with the sun,” Allie May’s Pa taught her the rhyme she repeated whenever asked why she got up so early to fish. Before the sun or anyone else rose, she often packed up her basket and pole and headed out to her favorite spot. Her family and friends were impressed. They all thought she was the most devoted young fisherman they had ever seen. And Allie May did like to fish, but what she loved was to be outdoors by herself, listening, watching, and thinking. 

One Saturday morning, while it was still dark, Allie May was sitting on a fallen log, pole in hand, thinking about how much she would like to have an adventure. She wanted to see things she had never seen and meet folks she had never met. She really wanted to face danger and show how brave she was.

Inktober 2020 – Day 1 – Fish

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  1. The little girl, perfectly drawn, captures the whimsy of the text. I’m looking forward to more of the same!

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