In Celebration of Negative Ions

In Celebration of Negative Ions, Mixed Media, 11×17 (including frame) 5/10/20

I am excited to be able to announce that my solo art show at Sautee Nachoochee Center for the Arts this summer has not been cancelled. From July 3rd through August 9th my artwork will be in the hallway gallery. I do not know yet if there will be an opening reception, but hopefully by then we will all be getting out more. I will be showing a collection of plein air waterfall paintings, the 31 ink drawings I did in the month of October, as well as paintings and sculptures. Some of the pieces were in last summer’s Nth Gallery exhibit, but there will be plenty of new work too.

I am calling the small drawing/painting I have just finished “In Celebration of Negative Ions.” It is my attempt to bring the elements of my recent drawings and paintings together into one piece. They actually blended more harmoniously than I expected.

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