Let's try this again.

So I’ve made an effort at blogging before and I actually enjoyed it. I went back through my Xanga blog not long ago and read my posts and it was so neat to be able to remember what i was thinking about and doing that last year in Cancun. It made me wish I’d done more blogging when I first moved back to the states so I would have a similar chronicle. I did journal some the old-fashioned way so at least I have that.

I had been making little entries on MySpace every now and again but the SonicWall Content Blocker Service has put an end to that. It wasn’t really a forum I ever completely felt comfortable with anyway. I did enjoy posting my post-it notes so I plan on continuing that practice here. The main issue will be finding the time to actually write anything, but I think I’ll find a way.

So here’s a post-it note from yesterday and I hope to be back soon to really get this thing rolling.

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