Filmy Fern Falls

Filmy Fern Falls, Acrylic on Paper, 11×15″, 4/4/20

Continuing my Habersham County only waterfalling, this past Saturday I visited Filmy Fern Falls down Pumping Station Rd. This beautiful site is just a mile walk down the gated, but very well maintained, gravel road also known as FS 187. At the end there is a steep but short descent off the road and across a small creek. It was not a strenuous excursion at all and there were no odd details like the week before. It made for a very relaxing day. One other group, a small family, did show up while I was there, but we kept our distance. I painted on the larger format paper again and spent extra time on the trees above the falls. I think they show an improvement over the last few.

Filmy Fern Falls

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