Figure Drawing

There is just something about figure drawing. I was thrilled to be able to start drawing with a group of ladies here in Dawsonville 3 weeks ago. Then this past week I was able to join a group drawing in a real drawing studio in the basement of the Arts Center building in Gainesville. Standing at an easel in front of a big piece of paper with a china marker in my hand drawing a model from life is one of my very favorite sensations. I think it is the quickest and most reliable way for me to get into “the zone” artistically. I prefer a nude model to a clothed one, and would like to have interesting music playing at a decent volume, but I am not complaining. The Gainesville group just had their last session until the fall and the Dawsonville group has only one more session so I am just thankful to have been able to have the experiences. Here are a few of the sketches I did over the last three sessions…

These were all drawn on the back of advertising banners from the store where my Mom works. (Except the one that was obviously drawn on the front.) You should be able to click on them to see them larger. Most were 15 to 20 minute poses, drawn with china marker or oil crayon. I hope to develop some of them into more “finished” pieces soon.

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