Februscary is finished. I really enjoyed (and found it therapeutic) to participate in this challenge. Creating something within time and subject matter constraints pushes me to be more creative and come up with solutions that are different from what I might normally draw or paint. The process itself is so rewarding, but the extra recognition from the hosts of the challenge feels nice too. Who doesn’t want to be someone’s favorite?

Horror based art may not be my thing, but I can certainly create some anti-valentines…

Prompt #6: Til Death Do Us Part
Prompt #4 Fire and Ice
Prompt #5: Zombie Mine

Yes, I know I skipped #4, but #5 just couldn’t wait to leap out of my pen. It is funny both the zombie and the willing victim think they are so unique, but turns out there are tons of folks like both. Who knew it was a well-documented thing?

Prompt #3: Valentine’s Card
TMI, Mixed Media on Board, 19×12.5″
Prompt #2: Organ Donor

I worry that this one might be construed as disrespectful, but I do not mean it that way. I tried to think of something that would match the theme better, but this image just seemed to stick in my mind, so here it is.

Prompt #1: Roses are Red…

My response to this prompt might not be considered scary by some, but I think it depends on your perspective… It might be rather terrifying for one to realize how much they gave up before they finally took off those rose colored (shaped?) glasses and saw things for what they really were.


So, I loved the whole Inktober/Drawloween thing I did in October. It was fun and I was productive and… two people liked images enough to ask me to tattoo them onto their bodies forever! So when I heard about Februscary I was pretty excited for the chance to try it again. The prompts were posted yesterday and I admit they do not immediately inspire me. But of course I like a challenge and trying to create an engaging image based on something I find uninspiring is certainly that. There are only five so I am going to try and do a drawing/painting and a more tattoo inspired design for each. I will do like I did in October and just add them to this post, so stay tuned… February is just a week and a half away.

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