Dreaming is Free

So my friend told me yesterday that by simply asking she has gotten what for her is a dream gig taking pictures for a music magazine. Her passions are for live jam band type music and for photography. She’s got a great camera, a good eye, and lots of contacts in the metro area’s music scene. She doesn’t have a degree or much in the way of formal training but she has spunk. Boy does she have spunk. She just emailed a music magazine that features jam band kinda music a few of her pictures and asked if she could cover shows for them. And just like that they said yes. They will get her credentials to bring her camera into shows, get her the tickets and then pay her for the photos they publish. Ask and you shall receive. I am so happy for her and proud of her, and well, yes, a tiny bit envious. I say I have a dream of making a living by my visual art. I also have a much less spoken dream of actually writing stuff that people will read and be effected by. But I am light years away from contacting galleries or publishers. I have made up my sample milkjug top magnets but can’t even seem to get up the nerve to drive by the local folk art place to see if they are something that would fit in there. What is that about? Am I still so fear-driven and more to the point, what exactly is it that I am so scared of?The key to change… is to let go of fear. -Rosanne Cash

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