IF: Poof


The morning ritual was as follows: curl half up, curl half down, spray, then run a comb through and POOF!  spray once more and ready to go.

For Illustration Friday:POOF!

I was looking at one post from the UK that was wondering if they needed to explain what Poof meant there to the rest of the world. I didn’t get it so I suppose they do. I’m not sure how far the reach of this hair style was. I saw in plenty in the south of the US and I’m pretty sure it was in the midwest as well. I’ve even seen it quite recently in the south of Mexico. I wonder did it make it to other continents?

IF: Foggy

Foggy Semester

“There was one this one semester. It may be for the best that everything about it is so foggy.”

 This was a pen and ink sketch that I brought into photoshop and altered it a bit. It still feels more like a pen and ink than digital to me, but I put it under “mixed media” to cover by bases. Is there a line an image crosses after being scanned in decides it’s media?