Funny Feeling

So I’m having a rather funny feeling this morning. There are several different things going on that could be the cause of it, the largest of which would be that in about 8 hours I will be taking my kids to North Carolina where I will be leaving them for a week. It’s not the first time I’ve been without them, and though it may be the longest time without them it’s not a lot longer than previous times. I’m not really sure while I’m nervous. And I really don’t have time to sit here and ponder over it. I have tons of work to do before I leave here at 3 and there’s really no reason to be spending time with the blog at all. Next week when I have the house to myself while the kids are off at Camp Cousins and Sebastian is at work, that is when I should write. I’ll be back then.


So, I’ve made the leap. I called and signed up for phone and broadband service. It will be hooked up on the 10th. Life as we know it will be changing. Oh, how it will be changing. This morning Little Sebastian recited to me by memory several websites he was ready to visit. I’m feeling just a bit of panic.